From the outside, Lukacs Thermal Bath looks like a giant concrete box. Inside, after you’ve entered its temperature-controlled interior and walked past some saunas and steam rooms (along with lockers and showers), it feels like a giant concrete box. 

But as you slowly let yourself acclimate to the heat, feeling your heart rate rise and perspiration drip down your face, you will see what all of the fuss was about.

Swimming Pool

When a person says relaxation, what would be your first thought? Well, I think most people will say swimming pool at Spa.

Spa is designed in such a way that you can enjoy swimming at our spa pool. In the old days, people use to do meditation and prayers for inner peace and happiness. There are many guys who have been brought into spa by their friends or business partners because of the famous pool taking place at our spa resort.


Our skin requires regular exfoliation for healthy and glowing skin. During this treatment, our body is exposed to harsh chemicals which makes it dry and wrinkled. It induces aging in the body so it should be avoided.

To avoid such effect, we use Epsom salt. It helps in maintaining smoothness of hands and legs by providing moisture through osmosis process .


Lukacs Bath

Worried that a stressful day at the office is going to compromise your health? A visit to a Lukacs Bath will give you relief. We use different types of hydrotherapy — such as balneotherapy (warm baths), balneochemotherapy (steam inhalation), and aqua-balneotherapy (water immersion) — from decades to soothe bodily aches and pains while soothing mental distress.

Doctors too recommend traveling to Lukacs Bath for rest and relaxation after stressful situations such as surgery, giving birth, or coping with chronic conditions.

Lukacs Thermal Bath

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